MereDane’s Awesome Adventure

MereDane’s Awesome Adventure

I know it seems like I play a lot, but the deceptive part of social media is that I do actually work a whole bunch too. More than people would assume.

That said, I just like to take full advantage of the time I am able to get off and sitting around working isn’t nearly as interesting or as fun as the time I spend playing which makes you privy to the latter.

In this particular case the lovely Dane Harris and I both had 10 days off at the same time. As such, he invited me to join him in New Zealand for 8 days because travelling half way around the world chews up a couple of your days off.

Given my new role as the tech rep for Giro and GoPro I took this as an opportunity to brush up on my camera skills so I can better teach the staff members at my accounts how to use and sell them. Although I feel like I came back with a world of amazing experiences and much more knowledgeable on how to use my GoPro’s I can’t speak much to my editing skills. I apologize in advance for my efforts at sharing 8 days of a jam packed trip to New Zealand.

Eight days really ins’t a lot of time, but I would have to argue that we fit in more things during our 8 days than most people would do in 18 days. “It’s such a long way to travel for such a short visit” everyone contested when I told them I was going. I guess the way I see it, is better to go and make the most of it than not go at all… and we certainly did that!

When Dane picked me up at the airport I got in the car, looked at him and said “Welcome to MereDane’s awesome adventure!” Yes the trip was short, yes we both got sick, yes I got an infected finger and sliced my hand open. Yes it snowed in the middle of the summer while we were camping in a tent in a barn, our flights were delayed we were rushed everywhere we went, our friend broke his collar bone biking and we had to guide a bike tour we’ve never been on and my phone got stollen hours before I went home. Hectic and a bit of a gong show to say the least, but it was our gong show and it was awesome!

Years ago I was on the chairlift with Michelle Parker and she said “skiing is like going to the gym… you never regret it once you actually go”.  It’s easy to get bogged down or discouraged by time constraints, logistics, set backs etc. but I think it’s important to embrace the chaos a little bit and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, cause in the end the reality is that you won’t ever regret it!