Just Huck It!

Just Huck It!

There is nothing better than the feeling of doing something, despite the fact that it scares you. The first time I tried a backflip on skis, I was 15 years old at at Momentum Summer Ski Camp water ramps. Known as SMS back in the day.

I was standing at the top after watching the other boys doing them and thought it was something I wanted to try. All the boys I knew had already done them and I was left standing at the top with Rory Bushfield who looked at me and said “Just drop in and huck it Meredith”.

“Huck it…? What the heck does huck mean?” I replied nervously. “You know … just go down and huck yourself, go off the jump and huck”. I understood enough that if Rory Bushfield was telling me to do it, I needed to do it. So I did. I rotated half way and went in head first. It was clear I didn’t “huck” hard enough but at this point, I fully understood what he meant, go down and give it your best shot.

I went back to the top and tried it again and again and again, landing it a bit better every time. The next day I took it to the snow and landed it there too. The stoke and cheers you get from your peers, being a 15 year old girl throwing backflips on the water and snow is second to none, but the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from doing something that scared you just moments earlier is indescribable and last for days.

It’s fifteen years later and I found myself watching my Deep Winter jibber team mate do a beautiful backflip off a perfectly shaped wind lip. The desire to prove that I could do one too, along with the fear that comes with the desire, kicked in. Sure I’ve done many backflips since I was 15, but certainly not in the last few years and when it comes to hucking myself off stuff, you could certainly say that I’ve been erring on the side of caution since my knee surgery last January.

The moment I showed a vague interest in hitting the jump, the 6 boys I was with whipped out their cameras and urged me on, just like Rory did 15 years ago. Moments later, I was flying through the air upside down. The hoots and the high 5’s from the boys up top, along with the satisfaction of pushing my comfort zone and facing the fear was no different that it has ever been. It’s been 2 days and I’m still smiling about it!

Thinking about the many moments of accomplishments I’ve had throughout my life, its evident that the words of Rory Bushfield “just huck it”, are quite wise. Hucking it doesn’t have to be off a jump or a cliff, but in general, face your fears, know that your peers want you to succeed, trust that you can do it and jump in. You’ll be happy you did!